Can Social Media Drive Foot Traffic?


June 24, 2014 by frappesocial

The past years have been good for my business. I got to work on projects and campaigns for different exciting clients. Many believe that social media will continue to play a crucial role for business owners to increase not only brand awareness but also foot traffic to their stores. And when there’s increase in foot traffic, increase in sales is not far behind.

I’ve talked to different entrepreneurs and business owners, from then and now, who still wonder how social media can drive foot traffic for them. Some of them even think of social media as something ‘too easy’ to do that they doubt if it can bring any good aside from sharing ‘selfies’ and what people do and eat.

So I gathered a few tips by others who have been using social media to convert their fans and followers into customers. Check them out. It might just help your brick and mortar business see more visits to your stores.

Here’s 7 Ways Brick and Mortar Retailers Can Use Social Media to Drive In-Store Sales.

Just because you want to see your store sales going up the roof it doesn’t mean you go all-out in advertising and promotion with social media. Don’t scare your fans away. Learn how to engage and listen to their pain points.

Social media can be used to build and nurture relationships with your customers. If done right, you can increase loyalty by your customers and might even find yourself with your very own brand advocates.

These Five Ways to Drive Foot Traffic and Build Relationships With Social Media can get you busy with building that customer relationship.

Go ahead! Try using social media to amplify your business marketing strategies. You can increase your fans and followers and have the chance to invite them to visit you at your store where they might find something they would love.

How about you? Have you tried these strategies yourself? Or do you have other social media strategies that worked for you? 



Rey M. Baguio is a Social Media Entrepreneur and Online Marketing Consultant. He started his career online as a content writer until he got hooked with anything that has something to do with social media and marketing online. Today, he has been helping not only businesses but also aspiring freelancers to understand how social media and digital marketing can make a difference for them. 


One thought on “Can Social Media Drive Foot Traffic?

  1. rochefel says:

    Facebook is really updating their site lately and I’ve heard of slingshot and it might be another challenge for business owners to utilize. One thing is the DDOS attack going on. Hope they fix it first before anything else.


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