SOON: Bigger Facebook Sidebar Ads

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June 29, 2014 by frappesocial


If you have been using Facebook Ads then you can expect another exciting(?) update. Facebook had already announced this expected major overhaul in their right hand column sidebar ads back in April.

Soon, you will be seeing bigger sidebar ads on Facebook.

Facebook, as compared to other social media platforms, is ‘notorious’ in introducing updates like changing their pants. So this update shouldn’t be a surprise to Facebook users, business owners and marketers. What one might ask is, ‘How is this going to impact me—and my business?”

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Here are some aspects — or concerns— that you need to consider after Facebook rolls out this update.

  • Impact on creating FB ads

  • Impact on your target audience

  • Impact on the cost per Ad

Impact On Ad Creation

According to Jon Loomer, marketers and advertiser can expect nothing much different when they create their Facebook Ads.

If you were previously creating ads using dimensions that apply to desktop and mobile News Feeds but send those ads to all placements, those ads will now be shown with the bigger sizes to those users who have received the rollout.” Jon says.

But for those who are used to creating ads with the old sidebar dimensions, your ads will continue to be rendered smaller for the time being.

Think of it this way—this is going to make ad creation on Facebook simpler.

Impact on Target Audience

Before Facebook announced this particular update, it is likely that they did their research and find this update necessary. For sure, they will make more money with this update. And they also expect advertisers to get the best exposure for their ads.

Larger images mean maximum exposure for your ads.

The update is expected to show just around two or three sidebar ads at once. So this should increase the chance of your audience seeing your ads. And if your ads are interesting enough then they might just click on it.

Impact On Cost Per Ad

Since there will only be a few ads that’s going to show on the right sidebar on Facebook, the competition will be tougher. So you can expect Facebook to charge more for this coveted ad spot.

So you better be smarter in creating those ads knowing that every penny counts. Don’t just create ads just for the sake of creating one.



Your turn: What are your thoughts about this new update on Facebook? Is this going to help your business more or is this just going to make Facebook richer?


Rey M. Baguio is a Social Media Entrepreneur and Online Marketing Consultant. He started his career online as a content writer until he got hooked with anything that has something to do with social media and marketing online. Today, he has been helping not only businesses but also aspiring freelancers to understand how social media and digital marketing can make a difference for them. 


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